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Monday, April 15, 2013

Understand Penguin Updates To Recover Site Ranking

Repair all the complications you obtain :

After utilizing the tools and above methods, you should now have a tough idea of which upgrade caused the decrease in your rankings. If you are still uncertain, then you must discover that out first. There is no factor trying to repair something when you don’t know what triggered it!

Penguin Update:

If you obtain that the Penguin revise was the reason for your reduction in rankings, then you require to think back and consider to remember if you applied any of the subsequent links in your SEO strategies:

- broad links, such as bottom links, blogrolls, etc.
- Low benefit links, such as low PR social bookmarks, article , etc.
- Backlinks which you have compensated for, such as blog community links, etc.
- Backlinks which you have positioned on unnecessary sites, or on websites that are highly low quality.
You can now utilization several link checkers or weblink examining tools to give you a hard idea of what backlinks you have designed, which falls into the above groups. A few resources you can use are Ahrefs and MajesticSEO.

These tools you can also utilize:
- Google Webmaster Tools.
- SEOmoz Open Site Explorer.
- Link Detox.
- SEO Spyglass.

Now that you have seemed at all your backlinks using the above tools, you want to discover links which now also drop under any of these groups:

- A huge number of links from the same mentioning domains.
- A huge number of mentioning domains from the same recommending IP.
- A huge number of backlinks from low quality sites.
- A huge number of backlinks from unrelated websites.
- A huge number of inbound links with actual match keyword anchor-text.

At this factor, you should know which upgrade was the reason for your punishment, and the links you require to remove. Basically removing the links now is proceeding to be challenging, but you must develop some effort in doing so as Google requires to know that you used it.