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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Google + Comments On your Blogger Page

Check your blog and Google+ feedback, all in one location

Now when you're searching your blog's review threads, you'll see task from direct guests, and from persons talking about your information on Google+. For instance, if there's a open Google+ conversation about one of your blog records, those feedback and responses will also seem on your Blogger blog. This way you can interact with more of your visitors, all in one location. 

Assist readers opinion and connect with their groups

Your blog visitors will now have the choice to comment openly, or secretly to their groups on Google+. And when they're searching blog comments, they can see all of them, just the best types, or only those from the persons in their groups.

In all cases, you and your visitors will only see the feedback you have authorization to see. Providing people these types of settings not only motivates more meaningful discussing but it can guide to more blog visitors.

You can Get More Understand By This Screenshot Of Live Conversation :