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Saturday, June 8, 2013

What is Co-Citation in SEO?

Google has come with a list of algorithm modifications. Over the past several of years, these modifications have of course specifically affected the way SEO operates. If we discuss about more accurate terms, we see that keywords, backlinks and hyper text are some of the words that have been very dominant, effective and successful in the search engine optimization globe. However, with continuous changes in the Google’s algorithm and position system, these weighting of these aspects has changed significantly over time.

If you don't forget after the popular Google Panda and Google Penguin changes, link building was considerably totally changed by the release of new, more genuine and efficient methods by Google. Similarly, SEO professionals are now indicating that anchor text is perhaps reducing in importance and is now being changed by co-citation as many SEO experts and analysts consider. 

Let Us Discuss Co-Citation?

As unusual as it may sound, co-citation relates to the method of link building without real links. Compared with anchor text, where actual links were included in words or terms, co-citation does not actually have to include actual outgoing links to your site or blog.

More accurately, the approach of co-citation relates to the similarities discovered between two websites, based on a third-party web site that effectively mentions the first two web pages in a connection with each other. Dependent on that co-citation, Google identifies a relation – or link – among those two websites, which is then applied as an essential search engine-ranking aspect.