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Monday, July 1, 2013

Google Developing Smart watch - Game Console - Nexus Q

A smart watch, an Android based game console and a second model of its Nexus Q media streaming gadget, people acquainted with the subject told the Publication.

Google is producing a game console and smart-watch, both operated by Android, and is planning to release a second edition of the Nexus Q media streamer. These gadgets all developed to increase Google’s achieve beyond smart-phones and warding off identical plays that are predicted from Apple.

The review disclosed little to nothing in the way of aspect regarding the visible forthcoming technology, stating only that the Android-powered wrist-based gadget would have smart phone-like features and connect to a device via Bluetooth.

However, the declare that Google is producing such a gadget suits nicely with identical reports in current months – the 1st in March from the Financial Times which revealed rumors of a proceed into wrist-based technology by Google, and the 2nd in May which came with the finding of some smartw atch-related patent drawings owed to the firm.

Electronics huge Sony has previously has a smart watch on the market – smartly called the Smart Watch – the 2nd edition of which was launched this week. Samsung has accepted it has a high-tech wrist-watch in the functions, while Apple is said to building one which in Feb was revealed to be “beyond the analysis stage”. Even Foxconn, Apple’s main manufacturing associate, seems to be on the verge of releasing such a gadget.

Game console and new Nexus Q :

As for the game console, Google is stated to be “viewing the initiatives of Ouya”, a start up that lately launched a $99 Android-based game console.

The Publication also reviews that a renewed Nexus Q is on its way, with the next edition of the media streaming gadget set to be much less costly than the primary, which was removed from the sector soon after release last year for causes never made completely clear.

Based to the Journal’s resource, one of Google’s inspirations for pushing into new places of hardware is to avoid Apple developing a lead in the sector with similar items, as it did with the iPhone and iPad.

Google has currently scored a reach with its variety of Nexus devices, and is gearing up to release its much expected high-tech Glass features some time next year.