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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Facilities in WebMaster with Search Appearance Overview

Old Appearance of Webmaster :

New Appearance of Webmaster :

How Work Search Appearance Window :

Search Appearance makes use of an example website to demonstrate the elements of Google Search results. You can utilize the pop-up window to imagine how your website may seem in search and discover more about the content or framework changes required to impact each feasible element.

It contains the important search result factors like title, snippet Description and URL, as well as optional factors such as site-links, bread-crumbs, search throughout a site, event and product rich snippets, and authorship details.

How can you use Search Appearance -

1) To enter in the pop-up window, press on the ? icon given after to the Search Appearance list in the left navigation Menu.
2) Press on any aspect to show a two-part overview:
  • How to effect will deliver the content or framework changes needed to effect this element.
  • In Webmaster Tools (if appropriate) will link to the appropriate feature where you can recognize any modifications you may want to do.
3)Examine your website to see if there are any changes you could do. Keep in thoughts these are illustrations of feasible elements — not all of them may use to your own website.