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Friday, October 11, 2013

Facebook Will Remove A Setting That Helps Manage Who Sees Your Profile

Changes are coming to your Facebook page.

The giant social media is acquiring the last steps to remove  an old search setting known as “Who can look up your  Timeline by name?"  which managed who could discover you and see your status up-dates and photos.

The search setting was instantly removed last year for persons who weren't utilizing it.

If you are utilizing it, you will get a notification in the coming days, enabling you know it will be removed:


As a indication of the significance of privacy on Facebook, the best way to manage what people can see is to select the viewers that can view each of the personal things you share.

In short, if you post anything as "Public" that suggests anyone on Facebook can see it. If you post a thing as "Friends Only" that suggests only persons you are friends with on Facebook can see it. And so on. It's very essential to pay attention to these settings when placing new photos and status changes.

In the coming months, people who are spreading posts in public on Facebook will also see a notice showing them that those content can be seen by anyone, which includes people they may not know.

The notice informs people how to modify the audience for each post. Click on "Public", shown below, which will enable you to select who sees your update.