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Monday, October 14, 2013

Google's 15th Birthday: Revealed New Hummingbird Search Algorithm

What is a “search algorithm” ?

That’s a specialized term for what you can consider of as a recipe that Google utilizes to sort through the billions of web pages and other details it has, in order to returning what it considers are the best answers.

What is “Hummingbird” ?

It’s the name of the new search algorithm that Google is utilizing, one that Google says should returning better outcomes.

Hummingbird is a certain expansion of Google’s semantic functionality evident at the search program level that reveals, considerably, two things,” said David Amerland, search engine expert and author of Google Semantic Search, “First, Google has improved its ability to cope with complicated search queries which indicates that it also has got much better at indexing entities in Web docs. Second, it has got a lot better at relationally linking search queries and Web documents which implies that its Information Graph must be significantly enriched.

Google comes with new Search algorithm which name is Hummingbird. Developed to be more accurate and deliver faster query results, the algorithm is structured on semantic search, centering on user intent versus specific search terms. After 2010 "Caffeine Update", Google reveals major change as Hummingbird search algorithm.